Thanks for checking this page out, Funding is one of the most difficult challenges for a new organization. At this time the organization is ramping up with new board members and new opportunities such as the Earn a bike program and the Bike Recycling programs.

Please consider a donation today to help ABC, start its its legacy of offering affordable bicycle transportation, education, and creative recycling for all of Northeaster Pennsylvania.

Please click on the below link to make a donation.

If you are donating to secure a bike or sticker - please be sure to include the bike# and your contact information.

Some Idea's of donations for the organization

  • Underwrite a Day of Youth Programming - $ 250.00

  • Give a Bike to an adult in need - $ 120.00

  • Give a bike to a child in need - $ 80.00

  • Give a service voucher for repair for a person in need - $ 60.00

  • Buy a bike helmet for someone who cannot afford one - $ 25.00

  • Purchase a tool for public use - $ 20.00

  • Purchase a U-lock for an adult in need - $ 10.00

Donations Via Check:

Anthracite Bike Coalition

C/O Lackawanna Heritage Valley

National & State Heritage Area

213 Railroad Avenue

Scranton Pennsylvania, 18505