Cycle Kitchen

@ Connell Park 

We have partnered with The City of Scranton and the City of Scranton Parks Department to open a new facility in Connell Park in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  We have cleaned out the building, and started painting, electrical and general construction updates are pending.  We expect to have the shop open later this year.   

The Cycle Kitchen @ Connell Park is designed to be the cycling hub for Northeast Pennsylvania.  Whether you are new to cycling and trying to learn to ride or you are an experienced downhiller looking to rebuild your bike, or the long hauler getting ready for your next trip,  this is YOUR  place. 

Additional Amenities:

The Cycle Kitchen is truly designed to be a cycling hub,  if you have an idea and are willing to host and maintain the effort, please reach out via our Get Involved links or the links below.  We are always open to new and exciting ideas.