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The Cycle Kitchen Adult Earn-A-Bike Program is designed to provide an opportunity for the person who wants build a bike on the cheap. Through volunteering time and attending educational workshops participants will earn a bike and skill set, they can be proud of and use for years to come. Participants will build their own bicycle, gaining necessary skills to properly maintain bicycles. We recognize that bike spaces are often times all male and so we especially encourage women and those who are gender non-conforming to participate.

Participants will:

  • Be provided a rate of $25 per hour, toward shop services and goods

  • Choose from any bicycle donated at suggest donation rate

  • Attend Free Training Events, Review Videos, and Training Materials as suggested by Volunteer Staff

  • Determine required parts for repair and customization of the bicycle

  • Purchase all required parts

    • New and used parts will be available at the Cycle Kitchen

  • Perform all work required on bicycle

    • Oversight and guidance will be provided by Volunteer Staff