Motorist - Bike Safety

As a cyclist, I personally want to thank you for visiting this page. In NEPA, Sharing the Road, is our biggest challenge. Many local residents are willing to ride, even want to ride but are too afraid to take to the roads. We as an organization are working with local, state and federal representatives to change the landscape here in NEPA allowing residents to take to the road and trails on their bicycles with confidence.

What we simply ask of our road companions is the basic understanding that we cannot keep pace with traffic all the time, and are at risk of falling at any time.

Please treat every cyclist on the roadway, as though they were your most cherished loved one.

Below is a great video from PennDOT, and a simple overview of rules of the road for sharing the road with cyclist.

Bicycle Laws

  • Before passing, you must first assess if you can maneuver around the bicyclist. Be sure to check for oncoming traffic.

Important! When passing, you must allow at least four feet between your vehicle and a bicycle for the vehicle to safely pass the bicycle. When safe to do so, it is legal to cross the center double yellow line if necessary to provide the required four feet when passing a bicycle.

  • Unless making a Left turn, bicyclists traveling at less than normal speed must keep to the right side of the roadway when there is more than one lane marked for travel in that direction, and must travel in the same direction as the rest of traffic. Bicyclists may keep to the left on ONE WAY roadways.

  • When there is only one travel lane, bicyclists may use any portion of the lane to avoid hazards on the roadway, including a safe distance from stopped and parked cars.

  • No turn by the driver of a motor vehicle shall interfere with a bicyclist proceeding straight on a roadway or shoulder.

  • It is illegal to force a bicyclist off of the road. If you do this, you may face criminal charges.

  • While bicyclists are vehicle operators and are expected to obey all traffic laws, they may travel at less than the posted minimum speed and may not be cited for impeding traffic. Bicyclists may operate on a shoulder or berm, but are not required to do so. Safety


  • When approaching or passing a bicycle, slow down to a safe and prudent speed.

  • After you have passed a bicyclist, do not slow down or stop quickly. Vehicle brakes are more powerful than a bicycle’s, and you could be responsible for causing a crash.

  • Do not sound your horn close to bicyclists, unless you must do so to avoid a crash.

*Special Thanks to PennDOT and the State of Pennsylvania for the creation and use of the above educational videos.