Anthracite BiCYCLe Coalition


Welcome to the Anthracite Bicycle Coalition Website (

Our goal is to increase community awareness of the enjoyment and benefits cycling can provide while promoting and encouraging safe cycling as a healthy, fun sport and means of transportation.

Our History

Anthracite Bike Coalition is a non-profit focused organization, with a long history of community engagement. Founding members of the organization met while volunteering for the yearly Heritage Valley Bike Tour, running successful events each year bringing many hundreds of cyclists and their families to Northeast Pennsylvania for a day on our new trails. The organization continues to engage in regular trail clean ups, support services for local races, promote safety events and events for Bike Scranton our local bike share program, as well as many organized rides. is comprised of hundreds of local cyclists from throughout the region. is currently experiencing a revitalization with new support from local private and public institutions realizing the numerous values cycling offers to the region.